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          DriveCRASH? is a brand new diagnostic platform designed to support today's modern, intelligent vehicle technologies.


          Remote Assist Program: Our easy-to-use approach to help you finish the job correctly, keep vehicles in your shop, and increase profits with customer satisfaction.



          Posted on November 05, 2019

          Drew Technologies, Autologic Diagnostics, Farsight, and Bluelink Diagnostic Solutions—companies within the Intelligent Vehicle Support (IVS) division of Opus Group AB (publ)—proudly announce they are unifying and will officially be known as Opus IVS.

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          are now Opus IVS ?


          Posted on August 26, 2019

          On August 23, 2019, Drew Technologies, Inc., a part of the IVS division of Opus Group AB (publ), acquired BlueLink Diagnostic Solutions, a leading vehicle diagnostics provider.

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          About Drew Technologies


          Drew Technologies is a global leader in vehicle communications products with a core focus in OEM diagnostics and reprogramming. Our products are also used for emissions testing and new car development. For more information, click HERE.